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Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t you worry: Paco, our Panacean pet, is here to help you out. If our FAQ section does not answer your question, you can write an email to Paco at He will write you back as soon as he has finished pooping rainbows.


How long will it take to review my application?

You will be placed on a waiting list. We review and assess the applications constantly.

How do I recommend a member?

Upon approval of your membership, you automatically receive a 14-digit token by mail (e.g UsTLyic6jPZvR4) that you may distribute to your friends. Your friends can apply for membership by indicating the registration code.  

What does the membership cost?

All memberships are currently free of charge. Yey!

What are your approval criterias?

Everyone that aligns with our manifesto is welcome. Despite it, we always have an eye on a balanced mix of friends, strangers, lunatics and gender.

Should I recommend members?

We are counting on you in order to grow organically through our members.

Important: please recommend selectively and don’t post your token on social media. 


Why do you have memberships?

A fast-moving, interconnected world can launch visions like rockets, but also crash them into the ground. Thanks to a member-based community, values and beliefs are protected through sustained growth and mindful orchestration. This takes time – like a carefully selected Spotify-playlist. We welcome everyone when the time is right. 


Do I need to be a member to be able to attend your events?

Some happenings are for our members only, non-members have access to most of them. But please keep in mind that as a member, you always get your ticket first and at a discount. Non-members receive a limited amount of tickets thereafter. Depending on the size of the event it will therefore be a lucky shot to gather tickets as they will be sold out super quick.

What kind of events do you do?

Our happenings revolve around music, art and culture. You can expect concerts, day dances, festivals, various live performances, art exhibitions, workshops, spontaneous gatherings, dinners, road-trips, sport tournaments and many more. Please keep in mind that some happenings are secret / for our members only.

Are the events for free if I am a member?

This differs for each event: some of them are free of charge, some are not. As a member, you have access to ticket discounts. 

We always aim to organize high-quality events with many surprise. We do not want to save any costs here & prefer to ask you for a reasonable fee in return.

How many tickets can I buy per event?

Usually it’s up to 4 tickets for one event, per person. If different, it will be mentioned.