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A secret ingredient

A panacea is referred to as a universal remedy solving all problems and curing all ills. Yep, that sounds fancy.

To make things clear: We don’t have one. Sometimes we don’t even have a sense of humor. But what we do have is a special ingredient that is often overlooked by those who shape our beloved subculture: Involvement.

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that bigger is always better, but the truth is that the most fulfilling events are those that allow for personal participation and connection. Just because something appears grandiose on social media does not necessarily mean that it will provide the same level of satisfaction as being an active part of a happening.

Let’s join forces to share those moments, get inspired & build deeper connections.

Community First

Our Mission

We are a member-based community that aims to compose stories that will forever be told. We seek to inspire with little worlds made out of music, art and culture. Create a supportive, inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds can share ideas, their passion and empower each other. Imprint our shared identity on common projects. Conceive events that come to life by everyone’s contribution, whereas any level of involvement is welcome.

We don’t strive to change the world – but together we might make a difference.


What's Happening?

Our happenings form the cornerstone. From concerts, adventures, day dances and tournaments to art exhibitions, popups, workshops and spontaneous gatherings: everything that inspires you, inspires us.

Ready or not here we come.

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Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends

01 August 2024
We celebrate the boundless, colorful world of birds – and with it, the freedom, diversity, energy, and boldness that our feathered friends symbolize.
In the making

Courtyard Concert

Blossoms are blooming, temperatures are warming, days are growing longer – nature is transitioning into spring. Let’s celebrate the arrival of this vibrant season with a live concert in a sunny courtyard nestled in the heart of Zurich.
In the making
The Panacean Odyssey

Rally to the Red City

No fancy cars. No guarantee you’ll make it till the end. But one thing is for sure: an unforgettable adventure awaits you! Join our multi-stop roadtrip through Europe with lots of challenges, heart and stupidities – It doesn’t matter whether you are a good parker or not.



A fast-moving, interconnected world can launch visions like rockets, but also crash them into the ground. Thanks to a member-based community, values and beliefs are protected through sustained growth and mindful orchestration. This takes time – like a carefully selected Spotify-playlist.

We aim to welcome everyone when the time is right. 


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