Santa’s Factory

Ho, ho, ho 16 hour Experience Aaron Khaleian Annett GapstreamStil vor Talent Dani Posada Midas 104Live / Katzengold Milo Häfliger Natch SinegoLive / Higher Ground  What a remarkable ride it has been so far! We are incredibly grateful and happy to look back on a year filled with beautiful happenings and a wonderful community that […]


1 Day Festival 4 Floors, 16 hour Experience Ajele ♢ Amruta ♢ Borella ♢ Carly Simone(live) ♢ Cavabien ♢ Dani Posada ♢ Don Son ♢ Elias Doré ♢ Karo Kosmos ♢ Lexx ♢ Madmotormiquel ♢ Mondul(live) ♢ Rabih Rizk ♢ Radio Rapha ♢ Robbie Akbal ♢ Rostdiamant ♢RSS Disco ♢ Sammy Bacca ♢ Soame ♢ Temo Sayin From […]

Züri Fäscht

..Festival decompression is ON! This will be the perfect opportunity to revive the festival vibes, as we reuse some of its most eccentric & colourful decoration to completely re-invent the openair terrace. If you missed out on the festival, this is the perfect opportunity for a bittersweet aftertaste! We start this wonderful day with a […]

Rampue, Cioz, Frida Darko, GiZ, Fabian Krooss

More day dances in Winter please! Our friends from «A tribe called Kotori» visit us for a magical day. Rampue, Cioz, Frida Darko, GiZ, Fabian Krooss will heat up the bathtub. Come over and play with us too!