From 12:00 PM noon until 4:00 AM, we invite you to embark on a journey through the Golden Twenties. Five rooms, characterized by a shimmering history and dark secrets. Dance your way through lavishly adorned halls, along bizarre intrigues, and supernatural phenomena. Do you dare to glimpse behind the scenes of the lurking underworld? Earn […]

Züri Fäscht

..Festival decompression is ON! This will be the perfect opportunity to revive the festival vibes, as we reuse some of its most eccentric & colourful decoration to completely re-invent the openair terrace. If you missed out on the festival, this is the perfect opportunity for a bittersweet aftertaste! We start this wonderful day with a […]

Get Involved

Do you want to be part of our festival, by performing, selling your product or your services? We would love to hear about your motivation, passion or business and create/offer something meaningful and fun together. Join the Club and be part of Children of Panacea by sending over your application.


Get ready to experience the ultimate musical extravaganza! Our festival lineup brings together an eclectic mix of global sensations and local artists. From heart-pumping beats to soulful melodies, this promises to be an unforgettable experience. So, gather your friends and join us for a celebration of music, culture and good vibes.

Mind, Body & Soul

Not only a treat for the ears, but also for your eyes, body, mind and soul. Self-care, Mindfulness, Connection, Balance, Performances and many more – we would like to introduce you to various important themes & topics with hand-picked experts, teachers and artists. Meditation, yoga, wellness, shows, exercises and games – we have a lot […]


Ready to upgrade your festival wardrobe or to treat yourself & your friends with something beautiful while supporting small businesses and the planet? Our bazaar is the perfect place to do just that. Explore our curated selection of clothing, accessories and other precious pieces of art, all made with a commitment to ethical and sustainable […]


Let’s be honest. There are so many festivals popping out these days, we’re nearly loosing sight. But did you ever ask yourself what’s the festive? What is the reason to celebrate? We as Children of Panacea are convinced that a celebration is 100x more fulfilling if it’s connected to a purpose. Our festival is all […]


We do not shy away from any cost or effort to provide you with an unforgettable festival experience. In order to make this happen, we need you to pitch in and buy a ticket. You can choose between joining for an extended weekend or just 1 day – but plan the whole weekend – you […]