Let’s be honest. There are so many festivals popping out these days, we’re nearly loosing sight. But did you ever ask yourself what’s the festive? What is the reason to celebrate? We as Children of Panacea are convinced that a celebration is 100x more fulfilling if it’s connected to a purpose.
Our festival is all about the celebration of letting go and taking on something new. Our program is designed to dive into a magic little world & embrace new connections on Thursday; celebrate and deepen these connections on Friday and Saturday; ultimately appreciate and manifest on Sunday.
  • Thursday: «Letting go of the old and make new connections». Opening day with ceremony & live concerts, shows from 4pm until midnight
  • Friday & Saturday: «Celebrate». Main days with live acts and DJs, supported by various performers & artists from 12pm to 4am;
  • Sunday: «Appreciate and manifest». Closing day with cultural activities, shows until 22pm
  • Throughout: Mind, body and soul enrichment, workshops and one or the other little surprises 😉