What age do I need to attend your festival?

The minimum age to attend is 21 years.

When does the festival start and end?

The festival starts on Thursday, 22 June, at 16h00. It ends on Sunday, 25 June, at 22h00. 

Can I rave non-stop from Thursday to Sunday?

No - first of all, this is not good for your health, and secondly, we have closing hours and need to respect the neighborhood and our surroundings.

Thursday: opening day with mainly cultural activities & selective concert until midnight

Friday & Saturday: music from 12pm until 4am; rest-period from 6am until 12pm

Sunday: closing day with mainly cultural activities until 22pm

Can I leave and re-enter the festival?

For one-day tickets: No, the tickets are one-way.

For 4-day passes: Yes, you can leave and re-enter.

How can I pay onsite?

The festival will be cashless. More details will be provided closer to the event date.

Can I bring my pet?

We love pets😍 However, the festival site most probably is not the best environment for your cat, dog or Alpaca. Nevertheless, if you have a special request in this regard, please contact us.

Is the festival site wheelchair friendly?

If you are in a wheelchair, you can of course attend our festival. However, there may be some limitations. Please contact us in case you arrive in a wheelchair so we can plan accordingly❤️

How do you cope with garbage and littering?

Plastic and glass are banned from the festival site. We use recyclable materials and reusable cups that are biodegradable. There will be recycling stations and trash bins all over the festival site and our amazing cleaning team works day & night to keep the site clean. However and most importantly: we appeal to YOU as guests to treat the environment with respect and leave no traces.

What happens if the weather is very bad?

We hope that the sun will be with us the whole time! But we are prepared for (nearly) every weather with many tents in every area. However, be sure to pack your rain jacket and boots.

Will there be lockers for my stuff?

Yes, there will be a limited amount of lockers (2 CHF per opening) at the Reithalle as well as the camping area.


What is included in the ticket price?

The 4-day-pass and day-pass include: entry & access to the festival-site with all musical artists. Food and drinks are charged separately and need to be paid on site, except for free water stations that you may use whenever you wish. Most cultural activities and performances are free of charge. Some classes or treatments may cost extra and need to be paid on site. Camping and parking need to be reserved in advance with the purchase of a camping or parking ticket. 

Will there be tickets at the door?

No - at least no 4-day-passes. Depending on the capacity, we will sell a few day-tickets at the door on the respective days.

Entrance for Friday/Saturday ticketholders

When purchasing a day-pass, you may enter the festival as early as 8am. Please note that the first workshops start at 9am. You will sadly need to leave at 6am on the next day latest.


Do you have a camping site?

Yes we have! You can either bring your own tent or rent one of ours. We have a selection of comfortable furnished bell tents. You need to buy a separate ticket in order to be able to use the camping site. More information under Tickets.

Can I arrive by car?

We strongly encourage you to come by public transport. Nevertheless, we have a very limited capacity of parking spots. You will need to buy a parking ticket if you wish to arrive by car.

Can I arrive with an RV/Van at your festival?

Yes you can! We have limited spots for your vehicle available next to the festival site. However, you need to buy a separate ticket and register. More information under Tickets

Can I camp with a day-pass ticket?

Yes you can! If you purchase a day-pass for Friday or Saturday and want to camp for just one day, this is possible. You will be allowed to stay on festival grounds until 12pm (noon) the day after. However, we recommend to stay over for the whole weekend to get the full festival experience. Moreover, the camping ticket price is the same if you stay one night or 3 nights.

Do I need to camp when I buy a 4-day pass?

No, you can either camp with us (by purchasing a camping ticket) or you can leave the festival grounds in between days and come back the day after. However, no exit and re-entry allowed on the same day.

What type of glamping tents are available?

Tent Asgard M has a diameter of 4m.
Tent Asgard XL has a diameter of 5m.
Tent Lotus Belle has a diameter of 4m (but is higher and wider than Asgard tents)

All tents are equipped with single beds that can be freely positioned.
All tents can be completely closed, the bottom is completely closed too and covered by a carpet.
Please note that only the Lotus Bell tens have a fan, the Asgard tents do not.

Packing list

To bring...

  • your friends
  • good mood & funky vibes
  • phone, ID and wallet (debit/credit card)
  • sunglasses, sunhat, sunscreen
  • robust/waterproof shoes
  • rain jacket
  • earplugs
  • powerbank

Not to bring...

  • own food & drinks
  • pyrotechnic items (flammable liquids, petards, fireworks, etc.)
  • gas cookers, grill, fire bowls, etc.
  • glass and spray cans
  • speakers and megaphones
  • laser pointers
  • skateboards, bicycles, rollerblades, etc.
  • weapons, objects classified as dangerous such as knives

Food & Drinks

Do you offer free drinking water?

Yes we do! Stay hydrated guys!

Can I bring my own drinks or food to the festival site?

You are not allowed to bring along food or drinks to the festival site. We offer a large selection of food at the festival site. Free drinking water is also provided, in addition to various bars.

What kind of foods do you offer?

We will host about 15 fantastic foodtrucks with mainly vegetarian and vegan options, local and international cuisine.